Relationship Issues

relationship problems

Relationship is the lifeline for all of us. But sometimes, this vital part of our life gets too much complicated. Today life has become no less than a pressure cooker. Pressure and pressure are all around us. Anxiety, frustration, depression make us and our relationships weaker and weaker. Work pressure leaves a print on our mind and in our personal life, that pressure creates unnecessary disturbances, other factors are also there behind the issues of relationship such as ego, inferiority complex, unnecessary quarrel, demanding nature etc. All of these problems may ruin one beautiful relationship, which was started with so much love and emotion. But saving the relationship beauty is in our own hands.


Every relation starts with a perfect story. But with the passage of time, the freshness of that relation get diminishes. It may be due to lack of time, long distance, personal ego etc. Whatever the reason, the loss only occurs to two persons tied in that relationship. Simple issues such that quarrels can be sorted out by conversation to each other freely. But if the situation becomes too much complicated, then sort it out with patience. Every tree needs some water for growing a flower, same in the relationship. It is really easy to start a relation, but it is too difficult to maintain. So it needs the involvement of two persons equally to sort out all bitterness between them. In relationship both cooperation needed.


Relationship is a blessing. Everyone needs a partner in their life. But most of the time self-pride and complexities of mind make a barrier between two love birds. Don’t wait for a long time till it’s too late to solve all problems. Every relationship has problems. But where there is a problem, there is some solution. Breaking relationship is easy. But it’s not a good decision every time. Take your life, think twice, apologize for your own mistakes (if any), talk openly with your partner, discuss all problems, and eliminate all ego and complexities. Life will become a beautiful gift. The person whom you love, at least you should talk to that person freely and break all the barriers and you will find there are empty issues remaining. Go ahead, sort out everything. Your first movement can save your relation. Best of luck!


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