Executive Coaching

Business executives of Microsoft, athletes namely Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods undergo Executive Coaching. Even President Barack Obama took Executive Coaching from David Axelrod.


What is Executive Coaching?

In one word, Executive Coaching is “grooming” a professional to enhance his or her performance in career. This training also helps in building the personality with required characteristics to influence or lead others.


Why it is important for every organisation?

Every modern organisation competes to stand out of the crowd. The organisation retains the very best employees. Some of the organisations spend a fortune in Executive Coaching. Generally, organisations sponsor entrepreneurs who would be beneficial to the Company.


Typically, executives are encouraged to grow even to leader positions. Some entrepreneurs chose high training levels, mentoring, reading, job rotation and other special assignments. An entrepreneur is sometimes interested in working at the same position as his/her own manager.


The managers are known as “paid coaches” since they have the know-how to resolve all problems including people issue. The managers recommend their subordinates to take Executive Coaching from available centres. The entrepreneurs who struggle to adjust to the work environment are often sent. We have found that bright and motivated candidates do well in our courses. Usually, these entrepreneurs have self-reliance and independence. They are capable of reaching the goal.



How Lakshay Enterprises provides Executive Coaching services?

We, at Lakshay Enterprises, provide Executive Coaching. Our expert trainers excel in working with professionals such as technicians, functions and potential leaders. In addition, the trainers have thorough knowledge of behaviour of people, relationship and organisations. They act as consultants and advisors.


We help our clients and entrepreneurs to learn quickly. We advise you and the management team to make decide-plans for sales target. We are proud to inform that all our programmes are tailored for handling difficult situations. We also train in work and people issues. Finally, we explain what your priorities are and how you should follow them.


Our sophisticated mentors transform the complicated lives of people to simple and productive lives. The Executive Coaching has the standard one on one interaction. This is when there is an entrepreneur under a coach who improves the candidate’s work performance.


The training on executive coaching takes place as meetings either in person or through office telephone. The duration of the meeting is one hour over the week. Lakshay Enterprises evaluate professional skills, strengths and potential areas for improvement. The Company makes sure the executive and trainer work as a team.
Your work is aimed at accomplishing goals that would have been impossible if you were alone. Your trainer has to account for all your performances. You should spend your time in doing more, thinking better and achieving the most. Your trainer would help you how to make more money and take better decisions. You would be able to plan and meet best goals. You would be able to restructure your professional and personal life. This would bring maximum productivity and personal satisfaction. We, at Lakshay Enterprise, provide independent and confidential advice to all executives based on their performance and feedback.


Interested in executive coaching? The best place is LAKSHAY ENTERPRISES at #431 Industrial Areas JLPL, Sector 82, SAS Nagar, Punjab – 160062. The contact mobile number is +91 828 803 5009. In addition, you may write via emails info@lakshaylifecoaching.com and lakshaylifecoaching@gmail.com.

Life Balance

The Dalai Lama once said “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”


Life is a precious gift for all of us and we should spend it with happiness and smile. Life is beautiful but our circumstances, emotions, situations make it complex. Every passing moment teaches us a lot of things. Life should be dealt with intellectually, that means your priorities should be predefined and balance should be maintained among them and it’s called the life balance. This is very important for all of us, otherwise life will become complicated.


What is meant by life balance? That’s the vital question. Certainly, we all have been heard the term ‘work-life balance’ and that’s one of the main essences of the life. Work means career, ambition etc, whereas life means family, relationship, pleasure, leisure etc and you are the only person who can select the priorities of life. But, keep in mind, balancing among the every single thing of work and life is important. So, particular time-frame should be determined. Family life is important as well as work life. One is the complement of the other. Health too needed to be maintained. So, lots of things should be maintained. Misbalancing of life means unnecessary frustration, tension, and anxiety that means going towards a difficult life-phase and we don’t want that absolutely. So, take a deep breath and make a decision on how to balance priorities and responsibilities of life. Surely, there will be more priorities to work and that is completely your responsibility to find it out.


Life is like a flower. Let it blossom to its full capacity. Make a balance in your life, enjoy the every moment of it, and cherish golden memories. Many people don’t pay any heed to the importance of life balance. But at one point of time, they will surely realize its necessity. Without balancing, life will not become as beautiful as you always wanted and as it should be. So, it’s a smart idea to make a plan now without any delay. Wake up and make a proper decision. Live your life to the fullest extent.


Most of the time, we can’t balance our life without any help from outside. We need a good consultation from a reliable person. Life Coaching is a process that enables you to reach where you want to be – giving you the happy life you deserve. Don’t worry; your search will end on Lakshay life coaching. Lakshay life coaching will give you all the correct and best suggestions and consultation through which you can balance your life very easily. Here you will get all the answers of your queries regarding life balancing and much more. So, if you want to balance your life and want to get rid of all anxieties and tensions, then Lakshay life coaching is the destination.


Career Coaching

Career is the word, which we are hearing since our childhood. Many dreams are associated with this single term. Our parents also work day and night giving us support towards our best career. In our childhood, if anyone used to ask us, what is our goal of life? We used to reply in seconds- Doctor, Engineer, Scientist etc. With the passage of time, our goals also vary time to time and most of the parents also set a goal in their mind for their children. So, overall this single term will become most complicated one.


At one stage, a single decision in the career is really very important. In which direction a student should go needs to be predefined. A goal should be one. Making various goals may result in a big zero. Different career opportunities are there and so in this situation, the distraction of mind is absolutely natural. Sometimes, it’s beyond our thinking that what actually we want to do. But this career decision is a vital decision in everyone’s life and on this decision, the whole life is dependent. A single mistake can ruin the whole life. So, in this stage of anxiety and distraction, a proper career coaching is very important.  Career coaching means based on a student’s merit, liking, strength and weakness, a proper career goal is set and how can a student achieve that goal and the direction to achieve that goal can only be made by a professional career coach. A student should be confident enough in his/her goal of life, not a distracted person. Career coaching also includes how students will become confident, more attentive in their life in order to fulfill their goal.


Today there is competition all around, pressure to do better and better, fear to lose the opportunity etc. In these complexities, how can a student work towards their goal with peace in their mind and overcome their fear to failure? It’s very simple! It will be handling by a perfect career coaching. You have to understand that the competition should be there with own, not with others. By doing small development every day will surely lead us towards a successful and bright future. So, in every aspect, career coaching is really very important in order to get a crystal-clear goal setting.


Now important question, from where you can avail the best career coaching? And the answer is Lakshay life coaching. Lakshay life coaching gives the best career coaching, where you can have the best idea about your career based on your own criteria of life. Here you will get rid of all the confusions about your career and you will have a crystal clear picture on how you can achieve a big success in your life. Lakshay life coaching will show you that path from where you will gain your success. Lakshay career coaching gives you clarity about your best career, through personality assessments, interest inventories, and thoughtful questions. Then, we partner with you to make your dream a reality.


Our professional career guidance and counselling services helps you to write your professional resume, network effectively, and handle interviews effectively.


So, if you want the best career for your future, consult with Lakshay life coaching. Success starts from Lakshay career coaching. CONTACT TODAY!

Relationship Issues

Relationship is the lifeline for all of us. But sometimes, this vital part of our life gets too much complicated. Today life has become no less than a pressure cooker. Pressure and pressure are all around us. Anxiety, frustration, depression make us and our relationships weaker and weaker. Work pressure leaves a print on our mind and in our personal life, that pressure creates unnecessary disturbances, other factors are also there behind the issues of relationship such as ego, inferiority complex, unnecessary quarrel, demanding nature etc. All of these problems may ruin one beautiful relationship, which was started with so much love and emotion. But saving the relationship beauty is in our own hands.


Every relation starts with a perfect story. But with the passage of time, the freshness of that relation get diminishes. It may be due to lack of time, long distance, personal ego etc. Whatever the reason, the loss only occurs to two persons tied in that relationship. Simple issues such that quarrels can be sorted out by conversation to each other freely. But if the situation becomes too much complicated, then sort it out with patience. Every tree needs some water for growing a flower, same in the relationship. It is really easy to start a relation, but it is too difficult to maintain. So it needs the involvement of two persons equally to sort out all bitterness between them. In relationship both cooperation needed.


Relationship is a blessing. Everyone needs a partner in their life. But most of the time self-pride and complexities of mind make a barrier between two love birds. Don’t wait for a long time till it’s too late to solve all problems. Every relationship has problems. But where there is a problem, there is some solution. Breaking relationship is easy. But it’s not a good decision every time. Take your life, think twice, apologize for your own mistakes (if any), talk openly with your partner, discuss all problems, and eliminate all ego and complexities. Life will become a beautiful gift. The person whom you love, at least you should talk to that person freely and break all the barriers and you will find there are empty issues remaining. Go ahead, sort out everything. Your first movement can save your relation. Best of luck!


Now the question is how to sort out all relationship problems and who will come to solve the issues? And the answer is Lakshay life coaching. Yes, only Lakshay life coaching will give you the best relationship advice for all issues. Our purpose is to help people of all genders and orientations to call in the love they want. I fully believe you can create the love, confidence, and relationship you desire.  I would be honored to help you in every corner of your relationship and power you and walk with you on this path! Here all the problems will be sorted out professionally, so that your life will become happier than ever without any relationship issues. So, if you have any relationship issues and queries in your mind, then don’t hesitate to contact with Lakshay life coaching. They not only solve your concern in relationship but also maintain Lakshay life coaching will be always with you like a friend in your any relationship problems. So rub out all the hesitations from your mind and CONTACT TODAY Lakshay life coaching.