Executive Coaching

Business executives of Microsoft, athletes namely Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods undergo Executive Coaching. Even President Barack Obama took Executive Coaching from David Axelrod.


What is Executive Coaching?

In one word, Executive Coaching is “grooming” a professional to enhance his or her performance in career. This training also helps in building the personality with required characteristics to influence or lead others.


Why it is important for every organisation?

Every modern organisation competes to stand out of the crowd. The organisation retains the very best employees. Some of the organisations spend a fortune in Executive Coaching. Generally, organisations sponsor entrepreneurs who would be beneficial to the Company.


Typically, executives are encouraged to grow even to leader positions. Some entrepreneurs chose high training levels, mentoring, reading, job rotation and other special assignments. An entrepreneur is sometimes interested in working at the same position as his/her own manager.


The managers are known as “paid coaches” since they have the know-how to resolve all problems including people issue. The managers recommend their subordinates to take Executive Coaching from available centres. The entrepreneurs who struggle to adjust to the work environment are often sent. We have found that bright and motivated candidates do well in our courses. Usually, these entrepreneurs have self-reliance and independence. They are capable of reaching the goal.



How Lakshay Enterprises provides Executive Coaching services?

We, at Lakshay Enterprises, provide Executive Coaching. Our expert trainers excel in working with professionals such as technicians, functions and potential leaders. In addition, the trainers have thorough knowledge of behaviour of people, relationship and organisations. They act as consultants and advisors.


We help our clients and entrepreneurs to learn quickly. We advise you and the management team to make decide-plans for sales target. We are proud to inform that all our programmes are tailored for handling difficult situations. We also train in work and people issues. Finally, we explain what your priorities are and how you should follow them.


Our sophisticated mentors transform the complicated lives of people to simple and productive lives. The Executive Coaching has the standard one on one interaction. This is when there is an entrepreneur under a coach who improves the candidate’s work performance.


The training on executive coaching takes place as meetings either in person or through office telephone. The duration of the meeting is one hour over the week. Lakshay Enterprises evaluate professional skills, strengths and potential areas for improvement. The Company makes sure the executive and trainer work as a team.
Your work is aimed at accomplishing goals that would have been impossible if you were alone. Your trainer has to account for all your performances. You should spend your time in doing more, thinking better and achieving the most. Your trainer would help you how to make more money and take better decisions. You would be able to plan and meet best goals. You would be able to restructure your professional and personal life. This would bring maximum productivity and personal satisfaction. We, at Lakshay Enterprise, provide independent and confidential advice to all executives based on their performance and feedback.


Interested in executive coaching? The best place is LAKSHAY ENTERPRISES at #431 Industrial Areas JLPL, Sector 82, SAS Nagar, Punjab – 160062. The contact mobile number is +91 828 803 5009. In addition, you may write via emails info@lakshaylifecoaching.com and lakshaylifecoaching@gmail.com.