I’ve never seen someone as beautiful and extraordinary as you.

And make no mistake, I’m not saying this because I mean it………

Name me someone with that lovely smile……

Contagious laughter and unique personality you.

No Idea?

Me too.

Because you’re IRREPLACEABLE

And you will always, always occupy a special spot in my life..

As well as the lives of many others.

I bet you have no idea how much you matter to them.

I bet you have no idea your positive energy continues to flow in people and their life.

You are simply having no idea

You’re Beautiful.

You’re Extraordinary……

Best Help we can give

To help others discover their talent is the best help we can give.Sometimes people are unaware of their talent ,or afraid to use them.But,if we do not use the gifts we have been given,we ca never be truly happy.Throughout our lives,people help us grow.As we grow older we can help others too.

Making other aware of the thing they do well and subtly encouraging them to use their talents is the best way to help them progress.

The Best Appraisal

During the course of 15 years of my professional as well as personal career, I have had a lot of appraisals done. But strangely enough, appraisals done by the little Angels, (TANYA, SAUMYA, EKAM, VIVAAN, ANANYA, OSHIN, ACHINTYA, GATIK and DIVISHA) to whom I went to have session of – Life lessons through cartoon character. Even I too could get lots of lesson from them. Those little tiny minds were so active and smart, listened me very carefully and the best part was that they appraised me with good grade. It gave me so much happiness.

This is my best Appraisal and will cherish it throughout my life.

Thank You Little Angels for the wonderful gift.

Pooja Dhiman

Life & Career Coach